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Hight Density web hosting server With CloudLinix OS
All Server-dedicato.com services are managed through an Italian Datacenter .

Server-dedicato.com is the largest and most technologically advanced data center in the region. It was planned, designed and built in order to meet the most demanding requirements of both local and multinational enterprises.

Organizations all over the world are now finding that by locating their IT equipment in professional data centers they are able to reduce expenses while increasing the security and scalability of their infrastructure.
Server-dedicato.com guarantees the physical security, power and cooling of client equipment for a lower cost than the client would pay to provide the same services in their own space.

Some examples:

Power Management

Diesel-electric generator sets as the backup source of electric energy with redundancy of N+1, on-site fuel reserve for 72 hours and a contract for fuel supply for continual running of motor generators.

2 separate UPS systems with batteries (A+B), in redundancy 2x (N+1).
Each customer rack is connected, as a standard, to 2 independent (A+B) electric power supply circuits (16A, 32A, 63A), single phase or three phases.



ensures its customers the proper environment for their technology. Stringent air cleanliness management contributes to reduced obstruction of the server fans, thus increasing their lifetime as well.

Environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and secure cooling system with maximized use of free cooling when ambient temperatures are low.

All elements of the cooling system are in a redundant N+1 configuration including all piping and the distribution of chilled water.

CRAC units distribute chilled air through the raised floor.

Precision regulated temperature and relative humidity according to international, industry accepted ASHRAE standards.



Manned security service 24x7x365 inside and outside the facility.
Video monitoring and recording of all parts of the Data Center facilities (interior and exterior).
Single point of entrance to the data center building at which each individual must prove identity and right of entrance.

Strict security zoning of individual data center areas.
Alarm system protecting against intrusion into the data center building.


Fiber Optic Connections
Server-dedicato.com is positioned at the intersection of several important pan-European fiber optic routes.
This ensures Server-dedicato.com customers the option to choose from a number of local and multinational telecommunications operators for providing whatever solution they need.